The Secret Circle is a group of six families, all who are descended from those killed in the Salem Witch Trials. Through a series of... incidents, they have formed extremely strong connections throughout history, and the same six families will always be in the same Circle. They are former pure-bloods, but through the years, have been changed to Half-bloods.


  • Marine "Mari" Anderson - Third Year - Female - Leader - Frost - Shelley Hennig
  • ___ Meyers - Third Year - Male - Second-in-Command - USER - Thomas Dekker
  • ___ Alkaev - Fourth Year - Female - USER - Britt Robertson
  • ___ Whiteseil - Fifth Year - Male - USER - Chris Zylka
  • ___ Snider - Fourth Year - Male - USER - Louis Hunter
  • ___ Payne - Fifth Year - Female - USER - Jessica Parker Kennedy


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