Bianca - Sera's Messenger ♠ Snowy Owl

-"If you find the strength inside, you can overcome anything."
Message Me

*The snowy owl flutters through Chris' window with a letter clutched in her talons. She dropped it on Chris' lap, and perched on the sill, waiting for a response. Inside the letter was a fairly long message.* "Christopher Knight,

It's Marcus, Sera's older brother. I know you know her from school and are close friends with her. But, now, she's yelling at me from her bed to stop beating around the bush... So here it is: Monday, we were running the obstacle course, you know, on base, and something happened to Seraphina. We took her to the clinic, and found out that she had torn her ACL. She's scheduled for surgery tomorrow.

Sorry, Chris. It's Sera here now, after I managed to kick Marcus out of my room. So, yeah, I'm having surgery tomorrow, and that means no eating for twelve hours. I'm so hungry... But.



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