• Adopted
  • Starts Hogwarts as a Ravenclaw
  • TBD


  • Calypso, being abused for a majority of her life, is afraid of anybody finding out. However, she gets too close to somebody
    • they find out
    • her parents go to jail leaving her in the care of Kedric Shane
    • She's angry at herself
    • She's mad that they did that to her
  • She ends up being sucked into a spiral of guilt


  • Isabelle tries her hardest to help Marie due to her blindness. Only problem is...she refuses her help. So, she does everything she can from afar
    • Which Marie finds out about
    • and they fight


  • Gets a life-threatening sickness
    • Summer after fifth year
  • Taken to the hospital and recovers
    • Influences her career path to become a Healer after graduation


  • Trying to find his sister, Artemis, who has vanished
    • AKA devoting his life to it
  • This leads his path towards an Auror
  • Finds that Artemis has disappeared, MIA, completely off the grid


  • Since Will was attacked, Albion becomes obsessed with DAtDA and Muggle Police tactics. She soon enrolls into the Police Academy and becomes an officer. At some point she ends up becoming an Auror


  • Sera ends up enlisting for the UK (or US) Coast Guard to follow in her father's footsteps. After all, she does seem to have a knack for it


  • Jacinthe starts missing her childhood friend, Ames. She starts to contact him and finds out that he's in a bit of a bind (you would not believe the outrage you get for accidentally apparating inside a Muggle Home making everybody think your a bugglar)
  • She helps him from afar
  • Or she goes to France


  • Since the birth of his son, he finds himself wanting to stay closer to home. He quits his job as a professor and ends up joining the British and Irish League

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