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About Me:

Full Name: Frostleaf1615
Birthday: July 7th
Age: Between 13 and 18. Enough for you?
Gender: Female
Species: Human
User Rights: Regular
Amount of Edits: 9,754

Frostleaf1615, known to the wikia world as Frost or Frosty, is a late teenaged user and active roleplayer on Dumbledore's Army Roleplay Wikia. She is an avid author, writing usually non-stop and has several profiles on various writing websites. If feeling bored, check her out on, Wattpad, and Quotev! She looks forward to seeing you on there!
Currently, she is entering her junior year in high school... That's eleventh for those of you who don't understand the American school system, and is an active member of her leadership. She will be taking on more responsibilities starting August 31st of this year and is switching to semi-active once school starts. If wanting to talk to her, owl is the best way to ensure a quick response. The link to owl her is right here, so drop her a message! Truthfully, her bite is worse than her bark, so she's open to RPs most of the time. However, if you want to make sure she gets it, then she'll be on in various hours of the day and night, online. However, most of the time will not be spent on Wikia currently, seeing that she's in the interests of a publisher and is working on an original novel to present to her.
Frost is also one of her county's grand champions, and is attempting to get a scholarship to Washington State University. She is studying to go into the medical field as an Occupational Therapist's Assistant when she's graduated. Some things that she's always willing to talk about and are certified to get you on her good side are dogs, writing, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, FanFictions, The Hobbit, and Instrumental music. Feel free to continue exploring more down below and Frost hopes to see you around soon! Bye-Bye!

Frostleaf1615: Feel free, but too long for everyday use
Frost: Use this please! I'll answer to it more often than not and is easier to write
Frosty: Feel free to use!
Froyo: Jay Only. You wanna be beat with a textbook?
Icicle: Sophia Only. Looking forward to a beating with a wet noodle?
FrostytheSnowman: Fandom only. I will seriously hurt you if you use this.
Frason: Meri only. Want to spend time as an ice cube because I can make that happen?

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Name: Lorelei Raina Banes
Birthday: October 31st, 2020
Age: 8
House: Slytherin
Exotic or No: No
Wand Core: Unknown
Wand Wood: Unknown
Wand Arm: Right
Relationship Status: Single
Best friend: Kaeto Banes
Model: Bailee Madison

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