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Lorelei Name

Full Name Lorelei Raina Banes
Nickname Lore
Basic Info
Birthday October 31st, 2020
Nationality German-British
Home The Banes House
Relationship Info
Status Single
Sexuality Unknown
Best Friend Kaeto Banes
Pets None yet
Family On The Wiki The Banes Family

School/Career Info
House Slytherin
Year/Occupation Child
Titles Princess of Shadows
Optional Classes Taken None yet
Magical Info
Species Witch/Human
Blood Status Half-Blood
Wand Core
Wand Wood
Wand Arm Right
Boggart Losing Kaeto

Model Bailee Madison
Gender Female
Hair Colour Dark Brown
Hair Length/Style Long and Curling
Eye Colour Brown
Skin Colour Slightly Tanned
Clothing Style Casual
Other Info About Looks

Colour Purple and Silver
Music Rock
Food Sausage
Sweets Chocolate Frogs
Animal Cat
Class Unknown
Season/Weather Autumn
Dream Job Dancer
Happiest When...

Lorelei Young WB
Princess of Shadows

You can only come to the morning through the shadows

Lorelei Gif 1

Lorelei is known by her mother as a Princess of Shadows. She is closed up, focused, and extremely ambitious. It is said that she rarely likes to talk and is more careful with her words than her step-brother.

She is a young girl, who has an overprotective mother, and annoying step-family. This has created walls around her that she holds constantly. It'll take a powerful person to break these down. Lorelei is not one to trust easily, and prefers to be alone or somewhere where it's dark and quiet. If she chooses not to be found, she's impossible to find.

In school, she rarely speaks up in class and is extremely careful with her words. She's intelligent, but ambitious, pairing Ravenclaw with Slytherin, and creating a unique persona.

Lorelei Personality Image


Slytherin Crest (Gif)

Slytherin... A house of ambitious and cunning. This house is filled with people who know to use their situations to their advantage and make the best out of anything. They are unpredictable, but it's easy enough to see that most Slytherins have one thing in common: They all have secrets that they keep hidden. Lorelei shows that, and combines Slytherin cunning with Ravenclaw-style intelligence to produce a force to be reckoned with.


British citizen Steven Roberts and German folk dancer Evangeline Niesse met during a dance festival in Germany. Steven was a young classical dancer, a new graduate from Jillard School of the Arts. He ventured to Berlin out of curiosity and admiration for the folk dances of there. Evangeline was doing a usual routine and the young man in the audience who didn't understand a word of their language had caught her eye.

She pursued him until several months passed, and Steven returned her feelings. Evangeline revealed the secret that she kept her entire life after graduating from Drumstrang. She was a witch. Steven wasn't surprised and asked her to marry him after the realization.

Several years passed after their marriage, and Evangeline soon found herself pregnant. On October 31st, 2020, little Lorelei Raina Roberts was born in Berlin. The young couple was excited and planned their daughter's entire life out.

When she could walk, Lorelei started dance lessons. Ballet first, then tap, then gymnastics, then jazz, followed the according plans. By the time she was seven, she recieved her first solo in ballet, and everything seemed normal. However tradgey soon struck...

Steven was killed in a car accident, leaving Evangeline a widow and Lorelei alone. Over the next few months before Lorelei's eighth birthday, Evangeline met and married Zack Banes and became a member of the Banes family. Lorelei became Zack's step daughter and Kaeto's step-sister. She is now adjusting to life as a Banes daughter, but still continues with her dance classes.

Her first sign of magic was when she was seven. Her sneakers had vanished, and appeared hanging on a rafter by heaven knows how. Lorelei panicked and summoned them to her after class so that way she didn't go home barefoot.



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Lorelei Trivia Image

Lorelei: The name Lorelei is a German baby name. In German the meaning of the name Lorelei is: Temptress'; A rocky cliff on the Rhine river dangerous to boat passage; the Lorelei whose singing lures men to destruction.
Raina: The name Raina is a French baby name. In French the meaning of the name Raina is: Queen.
Banes: Variant of Scottish and English Baines. Spanish (Bañes): habitational name from a place in Palencia named Bañes. German: perhaps a variant or a patronymic from the Frisian personal name Bane, from ban 'decree', 'ban'.

Losing Steven, Mum, and Kaeto
Getting a detention

Enter Hogwarts
Finish as first in her year
Pursue dancing

Introvert: 50%
Intuitive: 9%
Thinking: 25%
Judging: 12%

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