Lilliana Konstantinova
Russian Diplomat
October 26th, 2018
Konstantinova Family
Name Pronunciation
Blood Status
This character is RPed by Pyrrha Nikos

Eye Color
Hair Color
Clothing Style
Lilliana Konstantinova is modeled by Gabriella Wilde.

Native Language
Russian, English
Soft Russian
Earliest Memory
Waking up in the hospital
Type of Childhood
Childhood Fear
Never seeing her family again.

Russia. A magically-split country, between the populations of magic-users and normals. The muggles have their own government, and so do the magicals, but both governments are heavily invovled with each other because any descisions that are made could affect one more than the other, and so to make it fair, both offices vote on major decisions.

Dmitry Konstantinov for those non-Russian speakers, is the current Russian Minister for Magic. He's held the position for several years so far and has worked closely with the president of Russia. Along with Dmitry, there's his wife, Anastasia Konstantinov, nee Polzin, and his two younger kids: Diana, who's six and Valentin, who's three. He did have an older daughter, but she was kidnapped when she was four and hasn't been seen since.

Lilliana Dmitrievna Konstantinov was born to Minister Dmitry and Anastasia on October 26th, 2018 in their upscale house in Archangel, Russia. However, she would soon be lost to them on December 12th, 2022. Somehow, and it's unknown to how this happened because the house was heavily warded against invaders or possible kidnappers, Lilliana vanished.

She was lost to the Konstantinovs, and was thought to be dead. But, in reality, Lilliana was in Italy considered as a "Neville". She was only four, and held memories of her biological family. However, the Nevilles headed to England for a business trip, bringing Lilliana with them, and before anyone knew it, they were in a car crash.

Lilliana woke up a week later in the hospital, having a serious case of memory loss. She was brought to the local orphanage and dropped off there. However, her magic manifested at age seven, and she was brought to Lil Bundles by an Auror. Her first sign of magic was making a feather tickle another boy who was annoying her constantly with questions why she was there.

She is now in Lil Bundles and is looking forward to starting Hogwarts next term. However, Lilliana is plagued by questions about her birth family and is looking for anyone who might be able to help her find out more about them...

personality and traits
Best Qualities
Worst Qualities
Most Influenced By
Lilliana is known as very quiet, hiding in the shadows, and planning for the future. She's untrusting, but develops her trust very slowly and surrounds herself with a small group of friends.

She is also quite sullen or moody at times, but prefers to be with people more often than not. Lilliana's very at ease in new social situations much to what people believe. She's very delicate, being hurt extremely easily, but keeps herself back to prevent herself from getting hurt again.

Lilliana's unsure of if she's looking for love, but knows that she's only a filler for people and is very watchful and is constantly changing as a person.

talk bubble


skills and magical abilities




Sexual and Romantic Orientation
Relationship Status
Favorite Drink
Favorite Sweet
Amortentia Scents
Favorite Song


credit to red for page, rabbit for the backdrop template, and belle for character questions

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