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Full Name Alessandra Emily D'Martin
Nickname Alessa
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Birthday March 14th, 2008
Nationality English
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Before, Alessa was a hyper, excitable young girl. She was intelligent, and kind, and easy to trust. Now...

Alessa has changed drastically. She is now more serious, and distrusting. More secrets are kept than are revealed, and she has shown why she was placed in Slytherin. Despite this, Alessa has kept her outer mask on, not letting her true emotions or feelings be seen by anyone she has not allowed to see.

Currently, she is close to only two people: Melody and Wade. And both are the only ones permitted to see her true personality, the one that she keeps hidden.


Alessa graduated with high marks, taking on a job in St. Mungo's during the Scrofungulus epidemic. She lost her older brother to the illness, and that started her on a downhill spiral. Alessa lost her job, and turned to teaching music at Hogwarts. She lasted one term, and everything seemed to be going horribily for her, besides her romantic relationships.

On her first date with Madan, they broke up pretty horribily, and she was devastated. Alessa has now turned to dance, violin, and piano to help herself, and has also started to grow closer to Wade Thomas, a man she had met in the Leaky Cauldron. Alessa has been starting to feel feelings for him, but has kept those secret to make sure she's not hurt again.

Alessandra Emily D'Martin, born to Alexandra and Daniel D'Martin on March 14th, in St. Mungo's Hospital, was the second of thirteen. She had one older brother and twelve young mixed siblings. There were a few sets of twins and one set of triplets thrown in there as well.

Alexandra and Daniel worked in the same office, which meant that the kids were off on their own more often than not. Erik and Alessa acted as the built-in babysitters, and when their parents were home, both worked on their own hobbies. Erik's was building stuff, and Alessa's was anything art-related. By the time she was five, she had painted one of the walls in her room to look like a forest.

However, on their way home one day, the D'Martin parents found themselves in a car crash that emerged to be fatal, leaving their kids to go over the river and through the woods, literally, to their grandparent's house. Erik has just turned of age there, and immediately found himself a job inside a muggle car garage, making enough money to help their grandparents raise all fourteen kids.

Several years passed normally, until Alessa turned eleven. Their grandparents passed away, leaving Erik to make one of the hardest desicions he would ever make. The D'Martin family was separated that day, destroying the two oldest inside.

During all of this, Alessa started Hogwarts, and was sorted into Slytherin house. She made several friends in and out of her house, and even developed a crush on a Lion, Madan Atherton. In her fifth year, Alessa was named Slytherin girl's prefect, and in her seventh, she recieved and worked along Oliver Whitacre, a Ravenclaw Seventh year, as Head Girl.


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