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"I've never seen anyone so prone to life-threatening idiocy."


Full Name Addison Jessamine De Angelis
Nickname Addie
Birthday January 4th, 2019
Nationality Italian-British
Relationship Status Single
Sexuality Heterosexual

Species Witch/Human
Blood Status Pure-Blood
Wand Core
Wand Wood
Wand Arm Right
Boggart Losing her family
Patronus Alligator

Model Madeline Caroll
Gender Female
Height 5'1"
Weight "Nope!"
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Skin Colour Slightly tanned

Addison Year 1 WB

The Heir to the noble De Angelis family was sixteen when he met the woman that had caught his eye during a visit to England. Jessamine White was a student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry who was out in Diagon Alley, whereupon she accidentally bumped into William De Angelis.

William and Jessamine hit it off incredibly well, and soon one thing turned to another, and they soon found themselves engaged. On December 29th, Jessamine became the Lady De Angelis, since William had taken the position of the head of his family upon turning of age and taking the title of Lord. Everything seemed perfect to the young couple, who was just twenty-three when they married.

After their wedding, Jessamine found herself plagued with questions from her family about telling her husband about the family magics that run through their bloodline. Before she could, she found herself a new mother to a little boy named Jacob. William was excited as can be, and took extremely good care of his wife and son. Time passed normally until William got tired of Italy, and moved his family up to Britain upon Jessamine's wish. During the move, he found himself a father to four more all in quick succession. This put the De Angelis family at seven and William found himself as a job as a Ministry worker to support all.

The kids started at Hogwarts soon enough, with Jacob, Jasmine, Lucian, Lucille, and Ravi all at Hogwarts. Jacob was a fifth when Jasmine was a fourth and Lucian was a second while Lucille and Ravi were first-years. Two years passed and it was before Jacob's graduation that news came with another pregnancy. Several months later, the De Angelis family added one more to their number: Rebekah, and that was thought to be the last, but Jessamine had one more surprise at Lucian's graduation: She was pregnant again with number seven and this one emerged to be their final kid.

Addison Jessamine De Angelis was born in St. Mungo's on January 4th, 2019. She was the youngest and naturally the apple of everyone's eyes. It seemed that she couldn't do any harm, and it was pretty cute when she followed her older siblings around like a puppy. No one could say no to her and she took total advantage of that. Upon realizing that her siblings were gone about nine months of the year, Addison didn't take that news very well. No, she missed her siblings and couldn't wait until they got back. Every year, when they get back, every one of the De Angelis kids gets subjected to a flying tackle hug from Addison. It's sort of a family tradition. The De Angelis family are actually really close, spending pretty much every spare moment with each other. After summer's here, Addison convinces her older brothers and sisters to take her out and they just spend a day, having fun and hanging out. She's looking forward to Hogwarts, truth be told.

However, as the years progressed, she found herself developing selective foresight. Her mother watched, horrified, as Addison demonstrated her grandmother's power as a young girl. Her foresight only allows her to view the future, but is open to change as people change their minds or events change. Addison had watched a prized family medal falling and breaking due to Ravi and Lucian's rough wrestling. She placed herself by the medal and watched as it fell. Before it hit the floor, a gust of wind, summoned by Addison by accident and out of fear, came up and pushed the medal back up onto its stand before vanishing. Her parents explained that it was magic and Addison is now ten, waiting for her Hogwarts letter and looking forward to Hogwarts, so she could be in school with her favorite sister: Rebekah.

The well-known fact of an ISFJ is that they're supposedly pushover... HECK NO! Addison is no pushover in any way of the world. In fact, if you try and manipulate her, she's truthfully manipulating you in the long run.

Addison's intelligent and extremely cunning, knowing how to turn people's words on each other and make them see her point of view more often than not. She's pretty sarcastic, and is occasionally hurtful to others. It's funny to her siblings to see who she's gonna yell at next, creating a family betting pool when school's not in session.

Another thing about Addison is that she's careful. She's a bit of prankster, but very rarely does any pranks, only pranking those who really deserve it. However, despite all of these on the outside, Addison's actually a really nice young girl. It was easily hidden under her other side, and it's pretty funny when she does a 180 on people and show her nice and easily-getting-along side. They're not expecting it.

All in all, Addison is a very complex young girl, which makes for fun when you're exploring her personality. She takes her schoolwork very seriously, achieving high marks, and making a name for herself as a teacher's pet at times.

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Addison: Addison is an Old English given name whose etymological meaning is "son of Adam." Variants include Adisson, Adison, Addisyn, Addyson, Addeson, and Adyson. Addison is also a Scottish patronymic surname meaning "son of Addie", a Scottish Lowlands nickname for Adam.
Jessamine: The name Jessamine is a French baby name. In French the meaning of the name Jessamine is: Jasmine.
De Angelis: De Angelis or de Angelis is a surname of Italian origin.


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